Styx River Tube & Canoe Rental is a family owned and operated business. We want your time on the Styx River to be safe and happy. We ask or guests to use common sense and extend courtesy to others while on the river.

We require the following rules be obeyed:

  1. As defined by law, the river and river bed, including all sandbars and beaches, are considered public property. We ask that you stay within these borders. Do not trespass on Private Property.

  2. Do not Litter. Place all trash in a litter bag and keep it in the canoe or tied to your tube until the end of the trip. There is a $500.00 fine for littering on Alabama waterways.

  3. No glass or Styrofoam are allowed by law on Alabama waterways. There is a $250.00 Fine if you are caught on the river with Glass or Styrofoam. The Alabama Water Patrol and the Baldwin County Sheriffs department patrol the river. Be prepared to open your ice chest for inspection.

  4. No profanity.

  5. Under age drinking and/or drug use will be reported to the Baldwin County Sheriffs office.

  6. If canoes, paddles or life vests are lost or damaged beyond the normal wear you will be expected to pay the repair costs or the cost of replacement.

  7. All trips are due back one hour before sunset.

  8. Please limit alcoholic beverages and select a designated driver.

The Styx River is patroled by the Baldwin County Sheriffs Department and the Alabama Marine Police.

Anyone breaking these rules will no longer be allowed to rent any equipment from Styx River Tube & Canoe Rental.


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