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All trips, the Day Canoe, Short Canoe, Overnight Canoe, Kayak and Tube trips start at the Styx River Tube & Canoe Rental office. Once you have arranged your trip at the office you will be directed to park near the river bank in an expansive parking area. Take as much time as needed to prepare, changing rooms are available. When everyone is ready move to one of the convenient pickup spots. Trips leave frequently. You and  your party will be shuttled to the beginning of your trip where you will find your canoes and tubes waiting for you.

Once you are on the water, the canoe, kayak or tubes are yours for the rest of the day. How long your trip takes is up to you. Set your own pace, stop as often and for as long as you wish. Swim, eat, play, or sunbath, the day is yours. Be sure to bring plenty to eat and drink. If you consume alcoholic beverages on the trip, please drink responsibly and have a designated driver.

Bring a trash bag for your garbage. Glass and Styrofoam are not allowed on Styx River. The River is patrolled by both the Baldwin County Sheriffs Department and the Alabama Marine Police. The minimum fine for littering on public waterways in Alabama is $500.00. Help keep our rivers clean by bringing back more trash than you take. If you see someone trashing the river, pick up after them and then report them at the end of the trip. There is a $100.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone littering Styx river. If you see any glass at all, please pick it up and bring it back. Trash cans are provided at the end of the trip.

All trips end at the Styx River Tube & Canoe Rental property. All persons should be in no later than one hour before sunset. The end of the trip is clearly marked and our helpful and courteous staff will be awaiting you there. Simply pull your Canoe, Kayak or Tube up on the sandbar, unload and take a short walk to your car. The parking lot is only 50 feet from the river. Showers and changing rooms are available.

Day Canoe Trips

The Day Canoe, Overnight Canoe and Day Kayak trips are approximately 11 miles. Shortly after starting you will encounter a natural rock dam, producing some rapids for about 25 feet. You will be able to hear the rapids long before you see them. If you wish to avoid the rapids, they can be bypassed via a short trail on the right side of the river. If you have a tube or other float, it is a lot of fun to shoot these short rapids.

There are many sandbars to choose from and on this leg of the trip you will not encounter many other people.  The bridge over Styx River at Wilcox Road signals the 2/3 mark of the Day trip.  Shortly after passing the bridge you will begin encountering tubers. You will notice more activity both in the water and on the sandbars during this last 1/3 of your trip from tubers and folks on the Short Canoe trip.

Short Canoe Trips and Tube Trips

The Short Canoe trip and the Day Tube trip both launch from a private landing owned by Styx River Canoe and Tube Rental. The launch site is about 1/10 of a mile east of the bridge on Wilcox Rd. For Canoes, the total paddling time is about 90 minutes. Of course you can stop and swim, eat, play, sunbathe or whatever to make the trip longer but in a canoe, this trip is really quick.

Tubers on the other hand can expect around 3 - 4 hours floating. When tubing, you can rent a second tube to float an ice chest. A 48 or 50 quart cooler fits really well. Smaller coolers can be accommodated easily. Frequent stops to play, swim and sunbathe are the order of the day.

Your Float Trip Check List

Here is a handy check list to make your trip preparation easier.

1. Sunscreen and / or Sunblock
You can get sunburn even on an overcast day.
2. Sunglasses
Cheap sunglasses are the best. For some reason nobody ever loses cheap sunglasses while expensive sunglasses will seem to jump off your head.
3. Sun Hat
Keeps your head and face from getting too much sun.
4. Beach Towels
Only bring towels for sitting on and drying your hands. Leave the ones you will use at the end of the trip in your car.
5. Water / Soft Drinks / Juice
Kids play hard on the river, Bring plenty of drinks to keep them and yourself hydrated.
6. Snacks
For some reason everyone eats more while on the river. Chips, Crackers, Cookies, Sandwiches, Chicken Fingers, and Hot Dogs are all favorites.
7. Water Toys
Water guns, plastic buckets and shovels, floating footballs beach balls and Frisbees are some popular items.
8. Floaties
For small children.
9.  Zip Lock Bag
Use to keep your car keys, Cell Phone and Camera dry.
10. Trash Bag
Use this to keep your trash together. Trash cans are provided at the end of the trip.

Only Trash Litters. Think about it!

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